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Personal Studio

WRKOUT Personal Studio is a revolutionary new digital platform designed specifially for online fitness training. Personal Studio will empower YOU to build your personal brand and your training business. Plus it gives you the freedom to train your clients where you want, when you want, and how you want!

And, did we mention, it’s free?! Seriously, no credit card needed.


How to Get Started

Getting started with your own Personal Studio is a snap!

  1. Click Create My Personal Studio and complete the short setup form.
  2. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with your WRKOUT Personal Studio Leader and Participant links.
  3. Boom! You’re all set to start using your Personal Studio. For more help getting started:

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Elevate Your Personal Training Now.
No Credit Card Needed - It's on the House!


Elin Klemetsen Fossum

Holmestrand, Norway
"I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to the WRKOUT team for creating this beautiful and user-friendly platform for trainers to reach their clients from a distance.

Personal Studio is a beautiful and user-friendly platform that enables me to deliver training from anywhere in the world! The virtual studio they helped me create looks professional and gorgeous, even when I train from a tiny hotel room with poor lighting.

The on-screen timer helps motivate participants to complete their sets, the logo that the team designed for me is SUPER cool, and the client feedback function helps me improve my sessions. Yesterday I was running a session from the Bahamas as the sun rose over the Caribbean, and one of my participants who is located in Malaysia shared the sunset from where she was. It was a beautiful moment that brought us close together from opposite sides of the world."

Beth Bokser

Toronto, Ontario
"I have been with WRKOUT since its inception.  It’s been a phenomenal experience right from the very beginning.

WRKOUT is very passionate about helping trainers and the platform that they have created is truly amazing.  They’ve taken into consideration so many aspects to make it a top notch training app!

My clients love it - it’s very user friendly and with features including a heart rate monitor, interval timers and a stopwatch, it allows clients to really feel the personalization of their specific workouts."

Ali Martinez

Surrey, British Columbia
I am absolutely in love with my Personal Studio! I feel empowered being able to offer my clients such a professional and unique virtual training experience.

The studio is designed with my needs as a trainer in mind which allows me to do the best possible job guiding my clients through their workouts.

The best part of it all is the customizability! It's my brand, my business, my vision!

Andreas Beirne

Titusville, Florida
"WRKOUT has given me the opportunity to work with some of the highest performance people on the planet.

The platform looks and performs in such a slick, quick and sexy style that I have pretty much gone completely online with my fitness business.

The world has changed and my clients love being able to work out from home, hotels and vacations.

I love the heart rate monitor, the stopwatch and how my brand looks in my own personal online studio.

This is a must have for trainers."

Sydney Mayer

Maple Ridge, British Columbia
"I am super impressed with the quality and experience of the Personal Studio. It has inspired me to want to train more and get more clients.

The studio has made personal training more accessible and I am grateful for that. Meeting new clients is seamless and clients easily navigate the software, with no problems to date.

I recommend all personal trainers and yoga teachers consider using the Personal Studio to up their game and provide more value to their clients."

Carlie Chiovetti

Redondo Beach, California
"A million THANKS to WRKOUT. I LOVE my new Personal Studio!

Wow, way to evolve the online experience! I feel so close with my clients using this platform! The crystal clear connection allows me to deliver a dynamite workout.

I love the simple controls, the ability to maximize my view of my clients' movement, and to be able to truly share the joy of JOGA!

I am able to use my studio anywhere, anytime, and to train worldwide. WRKOUT Personal Studio really empowers trainers to deliver top-notch instruction."

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Elevate Your Personal Training Now.
No Credit Card Needed - It's on the House!

How Personal Studio Works

As a Personal Studio owner, you’ll receive unique Leader and Participant links:

  • Use your Leader Link to enter your Personal Studio - it gives you access to the controls so you can run your training session. Keep this link private as it’s your individual access to your Personal Studio.
  • Share your Participant Link with clients so they can enter your Personal Studio for their training sessions.
  • Schedule a training session with your client:
  • Send them your Personal Studio Participant Link
  • When you’re ready to start your session, use your Leader Link to login
  • Meet your client and start training. Boom!

Your Personal Studio is yours to design and run however you like! You can literally paint the town (ahem, Studio) green, keep it open 24/7, train like a maniac, or hang out for a nice long Shavasana - it’s totally up to you!

Create a custom name for your Personal Studio
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Elevate Your Personal Training Now.
No Credit Card Needed - It's on the House!

Build Your Brand

WRKOUT Personal Studio empowers YOU to create and build your own personal brand.

You can deliver live, branded sessions by customizing your Personal Studio with your logo, your background, and your own personal headline.

Don’t have a logo yet, or need help with your branding? No problem! Our team of designers is here to help (gratis!).

help me design my logo

List Your Profile at

As an added benefit to trainers using WRKOUT Personal Studio, you have the opportunity to list your trainer business profile at WRKOUT.COM -- an online marketplace where clients can find an amazing personal trainer, LIKE YOU, for both in-person and virtual training.

Join the WRKOUT Ambassador Program

Earn some extra bucks as you build your training business. Sounds, good, right?

WRKOUT Ambassador Perks:

  • Get paid for promoting your training business and for encouraging trainers to get their own Personal Studio
  • Win prizes! We give away cool stuff, like Amazon Gift Cards and Lululemon X WRKOUT Swag!
  • Share your Personal Studio referral link to spread the Personal Studio love, and earn some dough!

What Do I Do as a WRKOUT Ambassador?

  • Spread the WRKOUT love with IG reels and posts
  • Use WRKOUT Personal Studio to train clients
  • Include your trainer business profile in your IG link in bio

Train WRKOUT Corporate Clients

WRKOUT provides personal and small group training sessions for corporate business partners in North America and Europe.

We invite you to apply for the WRKOUT Corporate Training Program.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Experienced, dynamic and technically strong trainers who can provide an exceptional virtual training client experience.
  • Must have a valid personal training certification or relevant degree and professional liability insurance.
  • Able to lead virtual sessions from a clean, tidy space with a strong, stable internet connection.

Community & Events

Community is at the heart of everything we do! We’re proud to host and sponsor events that create relationships and build connections within the training community.

Join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming events!

Past Events

Vancouver Trainer Photoshoot

A WRKOUT hosted, complimentary professional photoshoot to help YOU build your brand and your business. Click here for details

Upcoming Events

Las Vegas Trainer Photoshoot

IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo, Booth #627

Friday, July 22 11:45am - 7:00pm

Saturday, July 23 11:00am - 7:00pm

sign up

Toronto Trainer Photoshoot

Details coming soon!

Miami Trainer Photoshoot

Details coming soon!

Los Angeles Trainer Photoshoot

Details coming soon!

Create a custom name for your Personal Studio
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Elevate Your Personal Training Now.
No Credit Card Needed - It's on the House!


About Personal Studio

What is WRKOUT Personal Studio?

WRKOUT Personal Studio is a revolutionary new digital platform designed specifically for online fitness training. Key features include the option for trainers to customize their studio with their personal logo and background. Training tools include a stopwatch, countdown and interval timers, heart rate integration (using a compatible Bluetooth HR monitor), and live chat functionality. Additional features, including scheduling, billing, and tools to assist with live form correction are coming soon!

How does WRKOUT Personal Studio work?

  • Each trainer is given their own unique personal studio link that is available exclusively to them 24-hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Once you’ve scheduled a session with a client using your chosen scheduling tool, all you have to do is share your Personal Studio participant link with your client (if you are sending a calendar invite to your client, we recommend including your Personal Studio link in the invite).
  • When you’re ready to start a training session, simply login to your Personal Studio, meet your client and start training. Boom!

Is there a cost to use WRKOUT Personal Studio?

No, there are no fees or costs for a personal trainer or fitness professional to use WRKOUT Personal Studio. WRKOUT is committed to enabling independent fitness professionals to thrive and we are excited to share this platform designed to deliver a premium online training experience. We will be adding premium paid features in the future. If there are features you’d like us to add, contact us at

Personal Studio Features

What features and tools does WRKOUT Personal Studio include to help me build my brand and train my clients?

  • Deliver live branded training sessions by customizing your Personal Studio with your logo and background.
  • Stopwatch, countdown and interval timers
  • Heart rate integration
  • Live chat
  • Gather client feedback with ratings and reviews
  • PLUS lots more tools and features are in development and are coming soon!

Is there a time limit for a personal training session?

No, there are no session time limits. Your Personal Studio link is available exclusively to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You have complete control over your studio and it's up to you to decide on the length of your training sessions.

Can anybody who has my Personal Studio link join a session?

Yes, anybody who has your Personal Studio link can join a session. Accessibility and Permission Controls that will allow a trainer to admit or deny access to their Personal Studio are coming soon.

What happens if somebody tries to join a session while I am training another client?

For now, you can ask them to leave and come back at their scheduled session time. Future enhancements are in the works to add trainer controls to admit participants to sessions.

Can I train multiple clients in one session?

WRKOUT Personal Studio is currently available for 1-on-1 sessions. Future enhancements are in the works to enable larger training sessions.

Will I be able to schedule clients through the system?

Currently this feature is not available but it will be part of future releases. As soon as scheduling is available you will be notified by the WRKOUT team.

Will WRKOUT assist in finding new clients for me?

  • As a trainer using Personal Studio, you have the option to have your profile listed at, a site where potential clients can come to find a world-class personal trainer.
  • To have your profile added to, click here to complete the profile questionnaire.
  • includes detailed filters and search criteria that potential clients can use to search for a trainer. Clients will be able to view profile pages and if they find a trainer that suits their needs, WRKOUT will pass the client lead on to the trainer.
  • Once a new client has been referred to you, it is up you to work directly with the client to schedule training sessions, discuss pricing, facilitate payments and to nurture the client relationship.

How to Setup Your Personal Studio

How do I sign up to get my own Personal Studio?

  • Sign up here
  • After you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions to complete your account setup.
  • Once you have set your account password, you will be taken to your Personal Studio and you will also receive an email with a link to your Personal Studio. Keep this link handy so you can share it with your clients when you schedule training sessions.

How do I set up my Personal Studio?

Once you’ve been taken to your Personal Studio, you can log in and customize your studio with your own logo, headline and background (see below for specific instructions).

How do I add my logo to my Personal Studio?

  • When you first log in to the system you will be presented with a page that has generic WRKOUT branding.
  • You can click on Edit located at the top right of the WRKOUT logo to upload your own logo. The logo dimensions are max width: 300px, max height: 130px and max file size: 5Mb.

How do I add a headline to my Personal Studio?

Just beneath the logo section there is an area to enter your headline. Please note that this headline is limited to 50 characters. For example, “Welcome to my virtual training studio!”

How do I change the background of my Personal Studio?

  • At the bottom right of the screen you can click the Edit Cover Photo button to change your background.
  • For the best visual experience, use an image with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, no bigger than 10 MB.
  • Once you have uploaded your image you will be able to reposition it by clicking or tapping and dragging it around the screen.

Can I make changes to my Personal Studio after I have customized it?

Yes, use the Edit buttons to make changes or updates to your Personal Studio.

What technical set up do you recommend to create the best experience with Personal Studio?

  • We recommend using a device with a screen large enough that you can see your clients, such as a mobile device casting to a TV screen, or a laptop.
  • For audio, we recommend using bluetooth headphones so that you can easily talk to your client even if you are far away from your camera and screen. Be sure to test your setup before the session begins.

Can I use music in my Personal Studio?

You can play your background music through your mic but we do not have direct music integration yet. It’s on the roadmap!

How do clients pair a heart rate for in-session heart rate monitoring?

  • Currently only iOS devices are supported for heart rate monitoring
  • Currently the Personal Studio is only compatible open Bluetooth heart monitors
  • Clients must download the WRKOUT app from the App Store
  • Once installed, clients must use a bluetooth and/or ANT+ heart rate monitor
  • Clients follow the on-screen instructions in the WRKOUT iOS App to connect:
  • Open app
  • Select Heart Rate monitor
  • Join the Personal Studio session to get the Heart Rate session code
  • Either scan the QR code with the iOS App, or enter the 6 digit code
  • Client should see their heart rate in the app, as well as on their Personal Studio session page

Quick Tips for Using Personal Studio

  • Double-click the inactive timer circle to open the timer configuration - click or tap on the timer digits to set the times for countdown and interval timers.
  • You can pause and unpause the timer by clicking or tapping on it.

Personal Studio Admin

Do I have access to my ratings and reviews?

Yes, if a client leaves you a rating or review you will be alerted by email.

How do I charge clients for personal training sessions?

  • You have the freedom to bill your clients however you want. We recommend setting up a Venmo account for ease of use. You can also use services such as Stripe or PayPal to take credit card payments.
  • WRKOUT does not take payments on your behalf, nor does the company take a cut of your revenue.
  • WRKOUT Personal Studio client billing and payment tools are coming soon!

Who can I contact if I have more questions or need additional help with my Personal Studio?

Contact our support team at with any additional questions or for further assistance with your personal studio set up or account.

Is there a referral program in place to recruit new trainers?

  • Yes, for every new trainer that you refer that signs up and trains at least one client using their Personal Studio, you will receive a $25 referral bonus from WRKOUT.
  • To refer a trainer, send them to where they can sign up and include your name.
  • Drop us an email with the name of the person that you have referred at so we can reward you!
Elevate Your Personal Training Now.
No Credit Card Needed - It's on the House!